AmeriCares Visits Royal Health Awareness Society, its Healthy Community Clinic Program


Amman- Jordan, May 2016

 A delegation from AmeriCares recently visited the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) in Amman to learn about its main initiatives and programs, including the Healthy Community Clinic which AmeriCares supports in Zarqa Governorate.

Following the meeting, the delegation, headed by Michael J. Nyenhuis, President and CEO of AmeriCares, conducted a visit to the supported center in Zarqa to meet the beneficiaries of the program and listened to some success stories which came as a result of the fruitful partnership between AmeriCares and RHAS Support from AmeriCares and Medtronic enabled the Society to build the capacity of the health center’s staff, who in turnconduct continuous health awareness lectures about chronic diseases, while meeting the center’s logistical needs and equipping it with medical devices needed for a successful and comprehensive implementation of the HCC activities.

From her side, Mrs. Hanin Odeh, RHAS Director General, commended the partnership with AmeriCares and expressed her gratitude and hope that this cooperation continues in the future for the benefit of the largest number of citizens who are vulnerable or already inflicted with one of the chronic diseases to help them adopt healthier behaviors and better manage their chronic diseases to mitigate complications.  

She further showcased a number of program’s achievements, executed in the Comprehensive Health Center in Zarqa Governorate, including the number of beneficiaries which reached 200 of which 120 were Jordanians and 80 Syrian refugees.  

During her presentation, Odeh showcased that 44.5% of beneficiaries said that they were capable of reducing their body mass, 41.4% of diabetes patients said that they were capable of reducing their blood sugar and 53.7% of blood pressure patients were capable of reducing their systolic pressure rate. 

From his side,Mr. Nyenhuis, expressed his delight of the outcome of the visit and its findings, pointing out that RHAS has definitely provided a unique model to NCDs management amongst Jordanian and the refugee population. He reiterated AmeriCares’ trust in RHAS’ efforts to enhance the health sector in Jordan, and expressed his interest in further collaboration with RHAS. 

Royal Health Awareness Society

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