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HEALTHY COMMUNITY CLINIC is a community-based health project launched within the final quarter of 2011 to be conducted with the Ministry of Health (MOH). The project aims to build the capacity of participating Health Centers to provide better preventative services to empower patients to manage their diseases and reduce future complications. The Healthy Community Clinic, established within existing MOH facilities, provides medical practitioners with the training and resources necessary to implement management and prevention-based care to patients in underserved communities. 

The clinic provides the following:

- Admitting patients according to electronic data base and classifying them.

- Periodic medical examination by the Healthy Clinic Doctor. Discussing the referral case to Healthy Clinic and clarifying the proper use of medications.

- Periodic lab tests.

- Classifying the referrals according to their category, performing health awareness sessions and providing the necessary educational information.

- Periodic Monitoring of the patients to evaluate their quality of life and their compliance to instructions.

- Diet plans and raising awareness on the direct relation between diet and the different diseases. Physical activity sessions.

Health Tip

Many people care about diastolic blood pressure (lower number) more than the systolic (higher number). Both are as important.

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