Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Kitchen 

The Healthy Kitchen Project was launched in 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the World Food Program and aims to provide healthy and nutritious food alternatives (meals) to school students, through linking schools to productive kitchens within Community Based Organizations (CBOs), who in turn provide these healthy meals to surrounding schools. 
The project also aims to raise health and nutrition awareness and healthier eating patterns through providing comprehensive nutrition information and educational resources within schools community.


• The project has been implemented t in 10 schools of Madaba Directorate, reaching approximately 2,400 students
• 20 principals and teachers from Ministry of Education received training to build their capacity of implementing the project within their schools.
• Healthier eating patterns and nutrition awareness sessions were conducted in the participating schools for the students, teachers and parents.
• 20 job opportunities have been provided by Healthy Kitchen project for people from the CBO surrounding Community/Madaba, and they have been trained on the healthy conditions that should be provided in the Healthy Kitchen.
• Several workshops and meetings were conducted to introduce the project to related stakeholders, and to insure project sustainability and expansion.


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