Generations Protected

Generations Protected

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Ministry of Health (MoH), and
the Anti Narcotics Department, and in partnership with Mentor Arabia and other relevant
NGOs, RHAS launched the initiative “Generations Protected” (Tahseen) initiative, which
aims to spread awareness on harmfull effects of addiction to smoking and drugs amongst
children, adolescents, and youth to contribute to the healthy upbringing of the future
generation and protect them from such risky behaviors. RHAS implements the initiative
across three different age groups, through three programs, as follows: Anti-Smoking
Ambassadors Program for 4th - 6th grades; Unplugged Program for 7th - 8thgrades; the Y Peer
Educators Program for youth aged 18-25 years. These programs rely on the interactive
and participatory learning method and on building the capacity of children and youth
specifically on social and life skills. The initiative targets teachers and parents as well to
raise awareness around them on the dangers of smoking and drugs abuse.

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